14-Lights-Crystal-Chandelier-Lo Stile Italiano
Lampadario-Impero-Lo Stile Italiano
Art-Nouveau-Crystal-Chandelier-Lo Stile Italiano
Lampadario-Art-Nouveau-di-Cristallo-Lo Stile Italiano
Lampadario-in-Cristallo-14-luci-Lo Stile Italiano
Louis-XVI-period-Crystal-Chandelier-Lo Stile Italiano
Lampadario-primi-del-'900-Lo Stile Italiano
Lampadario-periodo-Luigi-XVI-Lo Stile Italiano
lampadario-Impero-Lo Stile Italiano
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Crystal Chandelier, 13 Lights, Italy 1920, 1930, Art Nouveau, Vintage Empire Chandelier.

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Art Nouveau crystal chandelier, dating back to early 1900s. The structure is sturdy and composed of richly worked brass with typical festoons Louis XVI period and re-proposed in Empire style is Art nouveau. The upper part is decorated with a chain of octagons, the lower part from crystal arrows pendants. the chandelier is a lot rich and bright, suitable for embellishing any type of environment, both classic and modern. the lamp has 7 external candles and 6 internal lights for a total of 13 lights (E14).

Diameter 23.65in (60cm), height 41.33in (105cm), total height including chain 53in (135cm), adjustable.

The chandelier is completely restored, used electrically remade from new original signed candles, excellent aesthetic and functional condition. All the items in my shop are vintage originals, therefore they could show signs of the time that give them the charm of the past era. The chandeliers are electrically wired for both 110 Wolts (USA) and 220 Wolts (Europe) and then installed all over the world, they are ready to install and also work with LED bulbs. This chandelier has been wired for E14 bulbs, used adapters that are easily found on the internet, you can use all kinds of bulbs, from any country in the world, with any pitch and size. All chandeliers are simple to install but a professional is recommended.

Worldwide insured shipping, tracked and available online during the trip. The packaging is carried out with the utmost care, all the crystals are blocked with a special casing to avoid damage, the chandelier is connected inside a wooden crate and here fixed and wrapped with various packaging materials to ensure maximum protection. .
Replacement windows are added to the package at no additional cost to the customer. Before packing I always check every single chandelier to make sure everything is in order. Always add a phone number and email address to help the courier contact you in case of delivery problems.
I am available for any additional information.