Refund policy

Within 24 hours of purchase, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract and obtain a refund of the amounts paid. As required by law within 14 days of purchase, the customer has the right to return the purchased item if it is not to his liking. It is understood that in this case all shipping and packaging costs for the return of the item will be borne by the buyer.
In any case, items not properly packaged, damaged by the buyer or damage caused by return shipping cannot be replaced or refunded. The customer, upon receipt of the goods and before signing the acknowledgment of receipt of the package, must check:
- that the number of packages corresponds to that indicated on the accompanying document;
- that the packages are intact, not wet or damaged (in this case, check the contents of the package)
All products I ship travel with transport damage insurance.
In this sense, in the case of packaging that is not intact and / or damaged, the customer can decide to accept with reserve, indicating the detailed and dated reasons, possibly attaching a photograph.
If the customer does not report any reservation (dispute) on the delivery document, he cannot request any damage and / or deficiency due to transport.
In case of replacement, the goods must be well packed and in their original packaging together with the delivery documents.
Once the package has been received, the seller checks its integrity and proceeds with the formulation of a repair estimate, in which the goods are not covered by warranty or replacement.

The delivery deadline is not to be considered mandatory.
The sales company is considered exempt from any responsibility in case of delay in delivery, when the delay is due to force majeure.

In case of unavailability of a requested item, it is the seller's responsibility to promptly inform the customer; may decide to cancel or modify the order. In case of cancellation, the amount paid is refunded.
It is never possible to cancel orders for a custom product.
Billing information or delivery location can be changed by sending an email notification prior to the shipping date.