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Lo Stile Italiano

Art Deco 5-light brass chandelier, Italy early 1900s

Art Deco 5-light brass chandelier, Italy early 1900s

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Art Deco brass chandelier with ornamental motifs depicting palmettes, flowers and geometric designs typical of its period. The chandelier has 2 side arms ending with metal cups, from which hanging straws in Murano glass hang down. The central part has been enriched by a lampshade lined in Tulle fabric with golden embroidery and by rows of red and white beads that create an elegant decorative composition. The chandelier was made in Italy in the 1920s and 1930s, a period of transition from Art Nouveau (Liberty) to Art Deco, and comes from an ancient Turin residence. Completely restored, the brass has been freed from dark oxide, maintaining the patina given by the 100 years of life lived. The electrical system has been redone, illuminated by 5 E27 lights (2 side and 3 central lights, it also works with LED bulbs). The fabric of the central lampshade was old and worn, so it was lined with a tulle fabric with gold decorations. Dimensions: Length 90cm (35.43inch), Depth 30cm (11.81), Height 88cm (34.64). 



Crystal, glass, brass, bronze

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Chandelier care

Methods for cleaning a droplet chandelier in glass or crystal

All chandeliers need some periodic maintenance to ensure that they are always shiny and bright. Below you will find some suggestions to help you in these operations and to clean them easily. There are several efficient methods and products to clean a drip chandelier:

  • First, turn off the power
  • Get some rags or newspapers and place them under the chandelier
  • If you use cleaning products for chandeliers, spray the product abundantly directly on the crystals, so that it drips on the newspapers placed on the floor and removes the dirt
  • Be careful not to spray the product inside the lamp holders otherwise when you turn on the light you could cause a short circuit
  • When you finish dripping the cleaner, the chandelier will be clean and shiny again
  • If you want to get a better effect, when the chandelier is still wet, gently rub the drops with a soft cloth
  • For cleaning you can also use natural products, creating mixtures of warm water and lemon, or water and vinegar, or water and bicarbonate, which can be sprayed with an aerator on the crystals and then rubbed with a cloth to remove dirt and dry them .

Methods for cleaning a Murano glass chandelier

There are several efficient methods and products to clean a Murano glass chandelier:

  • To begin with, disconnect the power and wait for the bulbs and glass to cool down, otherwise when you spray the solution on the glass you could risk breaking it due to the thermal shock
  • Get a ladder and unscrew all the bulbs, remove them holding the candle with one hand, otherwise it could rotate on itself and wind up the electric wires.
  • Start removing the leaves and flowers that are inserted into the central disc of the chandelier and place them on a soft surface
  • Fill a basin with warm water and add a product to clean the glass
  • If you prefer a more ecological but equally functional system, put warm water and white vinegar in a basin (2 glasses of vinegar for two liters of water)
  • Immerse the components of the chandelier one by one in the solution of water and vinegar, taking care to immerse only the glass parts, and not the part of the plaster case which is at the base of flowers and leaves, because if this were immersed the plaster would be ruined, thus damaging the correct functioning of the joint between the shells and the center disc
  • Dampen a cloth with warm water and vinegar, and rub it gently on the entire glass structure of the chandelier and on all the components that you could not remove, dry them with a microfiber cloth. At this point, reposition all the flowers, leaves and components that you previously disassembled and you will see that your chandelier will shine again like the first day. 
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